Rastgele kazananları nasıl seçersiniz?

 Pick a random winner among followers from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, or any other social network is very easy if you use our online random generator, for this you need to follow just a few simple steps:
How to pick a random contest winner
  1. Go to the home page of our site
  2. Select the «List of values» tab
  3. Paste the copied list of promotion participants into the field for the list of values
  4. Click the «Generate» button
 The RandNumberGenerator will automatically select the winner by running a number of built-in algorithms, All that remains for you to do is to notify a lucky winner. In addition, our random number generator has a number of additional options to help you customize the generation of random values according to your requirements:
  • The «Separator» option allows you to choose the type of separator between the individual values of the specified list, and this, in turn, allows you to use different types of lists: a column list, a comma-separated list, a space separated list, etc.;
  • The «Autocomplete» option allows you to fill in the field with one of the default value lists available. Using this option, you can generate a random word, letter of the Latin alphabet, day, month, country, capital city, city in the USA, car brand, first name for baby girl or boy and last name;
  • The «Number of values» option allows you to specify the number of random values you need to generate, each individual generation result will have a serial number and a button to copy to the browser's clipboard (in case more than one is selected);
  • The «Avoid duplication» option allows you to avoid duplication of the results of generating random values;
  • The «Sort» option allows you to sort the generated numbers from the smallest to the largest or alphabetically for non-numeric values.